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URGENT UPDATE: #COVID-19 Test Kits Needed for Federal Bureau of Prisons–NOW! – Screening is Not Actual Testing!

USA. March 25, 2020. Recently I have reported on the desperate need for Covid-19 Test Kits to be provided for employees and prisoners who Work and whom are housed in Facilities operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
Since that report, I have engaged in some Investigative Journalism and discovered that Prison Administrators at the Federal Correctional Complex at Pollock, Louisiana have ordered SCREENING for ALL Federal Employees entering the Federal Prison Complex at Pollock daily but because of a Shortage of Covid–19 Test Kits, the B.O.P. employees ARE NOT being Tested!Submitted to Enough 14. Written by Keith “Malik” Washington.

Keith “Malik” Washington is Assistant Editor of the San Francisco Bay View–National Black Newspaper. Malik is studying and preparing to serve as editor after his release which may come sooner than we Thought! Malik is co-founder and chief spokesperson for the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement, a Proud Member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee(IWOC) and an Activist in the Fight Toxic Prisons Campaign. Visit Malik’s Website at
Send Malik some much needed Love and Light: Keith “Malik” Washington #34481-037, USP Pollock, P.O. Box 2099, Pollock, LA 71467

Screening consists of Medical Personnel seeking to discover whether B.O.P. employees entering the Prison Complex are exhibiting the symptoms connected with Corona-virus Infection. Symptoms such as High Fever or Dry Cough. However, there is a growing body of evidence which clearly shows that many Transmitters of Covid-19 are ASYMPTOMATIC and the only way to determine whether or not a human being has been infected is through ACTUAL COVID–19 TESTING.

However, I repeat–there are No Covid–19 Test Kits Here at USP Pollock and this comes from employees who work in the Medical Department Here at USP Pollock.

Thus far, most of my fellow prisoners here at USP Pollock are Healthy. Our greatest concern is whether or not the Federal Correctional Officers who work here and come and go daily, will also stay healthy.


The construction of most Modern Federal United States Penitentiaries resembles a Sealed Concrete Cell Block Building. We have a Central HVAC System which connects to All Individual Cells in the Building. IF JUST ONE PRISONER OR GUARD BECOMES INFECTED WITH THE CORONA VIRUS IT CAN CREATE A DIRE SITUATION.
The Covid–19 Virus by its nature is an Airborne Pathogen that can be easily transmitted by the HVAC System here at USP Pollock and many similarly constructed Federal Facilities across the United States.

WE CAN-NOT OPEN OUR WINDOWS FOR FRESH AIR! We are virtually trapped in a potential DEATH TRAP and that is exactly why I have raised the Alarm and pleaded with the General Public to Demand the White House and the U.S. Department of Justice provide the following:

#1.) Covid–19 Test Kits for B.O.P. employees and the prisoners housed in B.O.P. facilities
#2.) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)-which includes: Masks, Gloves, and possibly even Ventilators when needed!
#3.) The Federal B.O.P. and the Department of Justice must start to Consider Releasing Prisoners who are within a Year of finishing their sentences and who have significant support in Free Society.

I happen to be one of those prisoners who have very little time left on their sentence and I also have a Large Community of Supporters who are willing to aid me in my SUCCESSFUL TRANSITION BACK INTO FREE SOCIETY.
Lastly, I leave you with these thoughts to ponder and reflect upon. As Assistant Editor of the San Francisco Bay View-National Black Newspaper, I seek to amplify the voices of all Black and Oppressed human beings. I strive to provide context and texture to the Black Experience and as a Journalist I continue to achieve Black Excellence.
Our current Editor–Mary Ratcliff is 81 years old and her loving husband our Publisher Dr. Willie Ratcliff is 85 years old.

Both Mary and Willie represent one of the most vulnerable categories of people who could become infected with the deadly Corona Virus.

Good intentions will not help save the San Francisco Bay View. Right now we are in dire need of Financial Donations so that we can pay the Printer of our Newspaper as well as keep the lights on and pay the rent for Mary and Willie who are on a fixed income.


Please take a moment to contact our dedicated Editor Mary Ratcliff directly at (415) 671-0789, e-mail her at: [email protected] or you can send us a Donation directly via U.S. Mail:

San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper

Attn: Mary Ratcliff—Editor

4917 Third St. San Francisco. CA 94124

I thank you in advance for your generous donations.

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win, All Power to the People!!


Why Isn’t Donald Trump Headed to Jail?

By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson


On January 3, 2020 Donald Trump had Qasem Soleimni, an Iranian major general in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, murdered.  He ordered a drone strike against this man and several others that saw him and his car blown apart and incinerated.  So why isn’t Trump headed to jail?  Why is no one else asking these questions?


All sorts of people called for the prosecution of the Saudi Arabian crown prince on suspicion that he ordered the October 2, 2018 hit on Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.  In that case, a hit squad of Saudi Security officials killed and dismembered Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Turkey.  Khashoggi died no less gruesomely than did Soleimani.

The Saudi prince denies ordering Khashoggi’s death, but Trump admits to ordering the attack on Soleimani.  Yet, no one is calling for Trump’s prosecution.

U.S. officials admit that killing a high ranking foreign official like Soleimani was an act of war.  Under article 1, section 8 of the U.S. Constitution and the War Powers Act of 1973, only Congress has the power to declare war.  Congress has never declared war with Iran.  Trump, therefore, had no legal authority to kill Soleimani.  So, again, why isn’t he on his way to jail?

This is the same “law and order” president that denigrated Central American migrants fleeing violence and broken societies as “criminals and rapists”, and made “Lock her up!” a rallying cry among his supporters during his presidential campaign against his opponent, Hillary Clinton. And this is a country that locks up millions of poor people and people of color under the guise of holding them accountable for breaking the law.  Even though 95% of them were not convicted by juries of their peers, as the Constitution promises, but were instead pressured into pleading guilty, whether innocent or not, under Amerika’s corrupt plea bargaining system (1).

But of course, the principles of accountability have never applied when an extrajudicial lynching is going down.  The federal government has always played a vacillating role in organizing and defending lynchings versus opposing them.  Burning and dismembering dark flesh is nothing new in Amerikan culture.  Nor rationalizing and whipping up broad support for extrajudicial lynchings with sensational claims for the victim having committed some unproven crime.  Remember Muammar Gaddafi, the late president of Libya?  How after Amerika joined in a bombing campaign against his country in 2011, he was literally lynched by a street mob in broad daylight-having been shot point-blank in the head while a dagger was shoved into his rectum.  Remember then-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s glib remarks after his murder, that sounded like a spectator after a southern mob lynching?  “We came, we saw, he died!”

As an imprisoned black man in Amerika, I know imperialist Amerika’s triple standards all too well.  I know why no one’s even suggesting that Trump belongs in jail.  Why, you ask?  Because from yesterday’s nooses and bonfires to today’s high tech drones, and from the U.S. South to the Global South, lynching is still as Amerikan as apple pie!

Dare to Struggle!  Dare to Win!

All Power to the People!



*Notes: 1. The Joint Legislative Committee on Crime in New York described the pleas bargain process in a report as follows: “The final climactic act in the plea bargaining procedure is a charade which in itself has aspects of dishonesty which rival the original crime in many instances.  The accused is made to assert publically that his guilt on a specific crime which in many cases he has not committed; in some cases, he pleads guilty to a non-existent crime.  He must further indicate that he is entering his plea freely…and that he is not doing so because of any promises made to him.  “In plea bargaining, the accused pleads guilty, whether he is or not, and saves the state the trouble of trial in return for the promise of a less severe punishment.” Quoted in, Howard Zinn, A PEOPLE”S HIStORY OF THE UNITED STATES (Harper Perennial: NY, 2002),



by Sean Swain

Still we lampin’ still clockin’ dirt for our sweat

A ballot’s dead so a bullet’s what I get

A thousand years you had the tools, we should be takin’ ’em

Fuck the G-ride, I want the machines that are makin’ ’em…


–from “Down Rodeo,”

on the CD ‘Evil Empire’

Rage Against the Machine


Chasing paper. Many of us who are locked up were chasing paper, and we chased it right through the prison gates and into the cells we now occupy.

We use our time in lock up to scheme and dream and come up with new strategies for chasing paper. We get money tattooed all over us. We listen to songs that will motivate us. We develop our visions. We identify our competition. We build our networks, our empires.

Maybe we don’t think about how we are plotting and sweating and bleeding to get portraits of faces of former slave-owners, plantation masters who got rich by taking hostages and exploiting them for their sweat and blood. We don’t stop to think that those dead slave-owners continue to take us hostage– in a new way –and trick us into chasing them, collecting them, worshiping them.

If we stopped to think about it, to really think about it, we’d ask ourselves why we value the money that someone else prints. We’d wonder why we let them print it and distribute it and decide who gets more and who gets less. Why aren’t we printing the money? Instead, we get tricked. We spend our lives and blood and sweat chasing paper and serving the system, the scheme of those who put the paper out.

How many of us catch it? And for how long?

If we stopped to think about it, we’d see that we really don’t want their paper. What we want is the happiness and freedom that we see others have, others who have paper. We want nice things. A good house, a new car, the best clothes, great food, comfort. We want friends and loved ones who love and respect us. We want lives of purpose and meaning and importance.

What if I told you that we could all have that, if only we were the ones with power to print the paper… and to get that power, we must take it from the ones who currently have it?

The ones who turn some of us against the rest, so we kill each other and save them time and bullets…

The ones who decide where the factories and jobs go…

The ones with the planes bringing the drugs into the country…

The ones who hand out the sentences…

The ones who count the votes.

They run things. They run us. They are our enemies, with happiness and freedom at our expense… living off of our sweat and blood. They’re not special or smart or more deserving than we are, and we can be just as happy and just as free as they are, if only we spend our sweat and blood chasing revolution like we’ve spent it chasing paper.

There’s only one thing that they have that you don’t: They know a powerful secret.

And now you know it too.


–Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain.


Change Maker, AMANI SAWARI taking Amend the 13th Petition to the UNITED NATIONS! (WE MUST SUPPORT OUR SISTER!!!)

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington

Chief Spokespersyn  End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement


“We cannot afford to waver in our political participation, because we have the most to lose.” -Symone D. Sanders (Political Strategist & CNN Commentator)


Peace & Blessings Sisters and Brothers!


As “Independence Day” approaches, we the New Afrikan & Latinx people in Amerika must do a thorough inventory of our status and treatment within the confines of the United States of Amerika.


While many Free-World folks eat Bar—BQ and sip on something cold, a broad swath of the New Afrikan and Latinx population will be locked inside cages throughout Amerika!


This is a harsh and bitter reality that illuminates the fact that Freedom, Justice, and Equality still have not been achieved for many who have become victimized by Amerika’s ‘Manifest Destiny’.


Many of us claim to be leaders in the New Abolition Movement.  This is a Movement which seeks to End Prison Slavery and Amend the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in order to strike the EXCEPTION CLAUSE.


If you claim to be a LEADER, INFLUENCER, or CHANGE MAKER then you must take on the work. TODAY I am here to proclaim that 2019 Rodenberry Fellow–Amani Sawari has risen to the challenge!  For years I have toiled incessantly in regard to addressing and shedding light on specific injustices and abuse I’ve witnessed and been subjected to here in the SLAVE STATE OF TEXAS.


While I’ve been doing my “Thang”, Sister Amani has been doing hers, and in a magnificent manner I must add! Do you want to know why 2020 Presidential Candidates in Amerika have been talking about granting prisoners the Right-2-Vote?? It is because Amani Sawari and her Roddenberry Fellowship Recipients have spear-headed a National Campaign to Re-Enfranchise thousands of prisoners housed in Amerikan jails and prisons.


RE—ENFRANCHISEMENT is a crucial part of this protracted Abolition Movement. Re-empowering the disenfranchised with their Right2Vote provides us with a ‘Voice’ and an opportunity to take part in a Democracy which has failed us for decades!


In the 21st Century, Malcolm X’s teaching in the ‘Ballot or the Bullet’ seems prophetic, especially right now. We can’t continue to ignore the multitudes of humyn beings trapped inside these cages who have been systematically disenfranchised. This problem most assuredly will come back to haunt us, one way or the other.


One of our Main Points of focus in this Abolition Movement is to actively and assertively seek to Strike the EXCEPTION CLAUSE which is contained within the body of the 13th Amendment and which has promoted, condoned, and sanctioned “Legalized Slavery” for over a Century and a half.


Pennsylvania prisoner and Freedom Fighter Richard A. Smith has crafted a letter directed to members of the UNITED NATIONS. This letter requests that the UNITED NATIONS call for the “Slavery Clause” of the 13th Amendment to be amended in order to finally ABOLISH SLAVERY and INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE in Amerika once and for all!!!


We the LEADERS, INFLUENCERS, AND CHANGE MAKERS of this Abolition Movement are requesting that our Sisters and Brothers in the Rap Music Industry as well as conscious Professional Athletes and Entertainers in Amerika with Free—Wor1d Citizens who are STAYING WOKE, sign on to this letter that we intend to deliver to the UNITED NATIONS SECRETARY Antonio Guterres.


The General Assembly Session opens in September 2019 so please do not procrastinate, ACT TODAY!


In order to check out the letter that we intend to send and to sign on your support and endorsement, please visit the link:


If you would like to learn more, please by all means necessary contact our Sister in Struggle Amani Sawari via e-mail: [email protected] or hit her up on twitter at: @sawarimi.


In closing, I send out a Call for Action and Support to Jay-Z and Meek Mill of REFORM ALLIANCE. I call upon the BIG HOMEY, H-Town’s Finest, Rap Mogul J. Prince as well as the entire #MobTies Movement. I am sending out a Special Request for Support to J. Cole, Colin Kaepernick, Cardi-B; Solange Knowles and BEYONCE!! WE NEED Y’ALL SUPPORT! Do your research, this Movement and this Struggle is REAL! I leave as I came in the spirit of PEACE! HELP US TO END PRISON SLAVERY IN AMERIKA!!!


Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win, All Power to the People!


Short Bio:

Keith ‘Malik’ Washington is a co-founder and chief spokespersyn for the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement, he is a proud member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and the deputy chairman of the New African Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter).

Malik has been instrumental in calling for the abolition of legalized slavery in Amerika and is very active in the Fight Toxic Prisons Campaign. You can View his work at or you can also read his articles at: which he regularly writes for the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper. Send him an e-mail at: [email protected] or write him directly at:

Keith H. Washington

TDC# 1487958

McConnell Unit

3001 S. Emily Dr.

Beeville, Texas 78102




After graduating from the University of Washington with a double major in media & communications and law, economics & public policy, Amani navigated into the world of  journalism and research writing. Her time at UW allowed Amani to develop her writing skills, and her passion for social equity and human rights led her to pursue photography and journalism. In college she assisted new students from around the world with their transition into the university. She also mentored and arranged programs for students living in on-campus housing. These experiences allowed Amani to develop an appreciation for working with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Today, she is a newsletter writer and editor for two publications. She writes an internal newsletter for a real-estate agency in Seattle, and the other is a community  publication called “No Shackles” for a prison advocacy organization. In addition to newsletter writing, she also manages her own website,, where she publishes articles and essays to inspire the black community, particularly in the United States.


A fun fact about Amani: She started her own business when she was 18 years old. To this day she manages a hair studio in the Seattle area. As a result of this work, she’s been able to connect with hundreds of women from around the country, sharing her expertise and love for natural hair.


See more at:




Writing Through the Walls!







By definition of the law, prisoners have a clearly established constitutional right to medical care, and this is per Estelle v. Gamble, 429 U.S. 97 (1976).

But apparently, this law is not applicable to New Afrikan Black People, based upon an 1857 United $tates Supreme Court decision, where the justices ruled:

“The Negro lies so far below Whites on the scale of created beings that they have no rights that Whites are bound to respect.”

–1857 U. $. Supreme Court Decision in Dred Scott Case

Article II of the United Nations “Geneva Conventions on Genocide” defines the crimes of genocide as meaning any of the following acts:

“committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

  1. Killing members of the group;
  2. Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
  3. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
  4. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
  5. Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

There is no other way to describe what‘s going on at the California Medical Facility (C.M.F.) (aka “Vacaville”), in Vacaville, California, than what the concrete facts inform us of. And the facts are:  “The prisoner class is being subjugated under a sophisticated form of genocide! (i.e., “Our standard of care is being met”).

Hospitals, by design, are infrastructures that have been constructed to treat, care for, protect life, prevent significant illness/disability, or alleviate severe pain. [1.]

However, since my arrival to the California Medical Facility (C.M.F.) on September 5, 2017, I have witnessed everything but the protection of life, as it relates to the prisoner class. In addition to those prisoners sent to “X Corridor,” (i.e., “Hospice”) from every slave kamp in C.D.C.R., to suffer in extreme pain & misery via over-medicating medical prescriptions, while they await their inevitable demise…prisoners are also being maliciously &  intentionally deprived of adequate health care via the crucible of “misdiagnosing” prisoners and outright refusing prisoners medical treatment.

I will simply point to two cases, to substantiate my point:

1.) On November 5, 2017, a New Afrikan brutha named Theaudra C. Williams (CDCR #C-47938, (V-Wing, Cel1 #101) also known as “Big Gangsta” from the Los Angeles area, went into a Diabetic Coma for 48 hours and died! Somehow, this New Afrikan brutha survived this ordeal, by being brought back to life by San Joaquin General Hospital Medical Staff. Brutha “Gangsta” attributes his survival to correctional officer S. Wang who found him lying slumped over in his cell, during the 1st Watch (1W) Count, wherein he called out to brutha Theaudra C. Williams numerous times, to which brutha Theaudra was non-responsive. Officer S. Wang then activated his Emergency Alarm, wherein an Emergency Team responded to perform CPR, but to no avail, efforts by CMF’s Medical Staff to resuscitate were unsuccessful.

At no point, prior to this contradiction, did Theaudra C. William’s Medical Physician Dr. Petras, perform any tests on this brutha, or recommend that he be examined by a specialist, with regards to  numerous complaints of chest pain, frequent urination, light headedness and so forth.

2.) On 10/22/2018, a second New Afrikan brutha named “Rasheed” (s/n Raymond Jackson) CDCR # C-21148, (V-Wing, Cell #243) from the Los Angeles area, was murdered by (C.M.F.) Administrative staff and their malicious and deliberate indifference to his serious medical needs.

Brutha “Rasheed” had been a kidney transplant survivor for over 25 years, thanks to the compassion of his brutha. “Rasheed” had been incarcerated since 1981, and never had a history of heart problems. But on 10/19/2018, brutha “Rasheed“ had begun complaining of chest pains & shortness of breath, and went “Man-Down” twice on 10/20/2018, and again, on 10/21/2018. Each time he went “Man-Down, ” and requested medical treatment, our designated Housing Unit Medical Nurse [2], blatantly ridiculed “Rasheed” openly laughing at him for all to see.

Sunday morning 10/21/2018, “Rasheed” was given an “EKG,” and was told:

“Since there was no pain in his le[t arm and/or the left side of his neck, there was nothing wrong with his heart.”

On 10/22/2018, at 2 A.M. in the morning, brutha “Rasheed” was found dead in his cell slumped over his typewriter, working on a legal petition for the courts.

Bruthas “Gangsta” and “Rasheed” are well known “jailhouse Lawyers,” who were a constant ‘thorn’ in the backside of C.D.C.R.! And there is no doubt, that this dynamic was a major factor that contributed towards C.M.F.’s Administrative murdering these bruthas!!! As brutha “Rasheed” was in the process of negotiating a $l-Million-Dollar settlement with C.D.C.R., at the time of his death!

If anybody knows these New Afrikan brutha’s families, please inform them of the truth, in particular, how C.M.F. Administrative has murdered their loved ones!

In addition, the W.L. Nolen Mentorship Program (W.L.N.M.P.) is asking the people, to voice their outrage to C.D.C.R. headquarters [3.] in Sacramento, California, and demand justice for these bruthas! How many more prisoners must die, before C.M.F. Administration is held accountable?!?!



*For more information, Contact me at:

ATTN: W.L. Nolen Mentorship Program,

C/O Chairman KTA,

P.O. Box 7907,

Austin, Texas 78713

E-mail: [email protected]


[l.] The California Code of Regulations, Title 15, Section 3350,  (1.); provides the definition for the standard of care entitled to prisoners.

[2 ] We have put out an all-points bulletin (APB) to locate and discover the name of this nurse. As she was immediately relocated and/or reassigned from V-Wing, Unit 4, after she murdered “Rasheed.” She has a heavy African accent, dark complexion, & is about 5’9” in height.

[3.] All letters are to be mailed to:

Attn: C.D.C.R. Secretary,

C/o Scott Kernan,

Sacramento, CA. 95814


Attn: Carole, Socialist Viewpoint, and Mary, SF Bay View

From: Ruchell Cinque Magee

Date: January 1, 2019


Wishing New year’s progress to all the community people pushing for change!


In regards to application for the Governor’s pardon, it is my wish that you kindly mail the original form enclosed to California’s newly-elected Governor G. Newsom by certified mail (and please return a copy to me).


Recently, I petitioned the Justices of the US Supreme Court in DC, requesting that they act as the “13th juror” by acknowledging the 12 jurors’ documented acquittal of me; thereby they would run those corrupted and lying judges such as William H. Orrick, D. Lowell Jensen and other criminals alike out of the picture. (They are playing with people’s lives; it has become a game to them.)


If the new governor is who he claims to be, for prison reform, he could use cases such as mine to send a clear message to the corrupted Parole Board: its days of making its own laws, in frame-ups, will not be tolerated.


My case is evidence: I’ve been in prison over half a century because the Board does not release victims of racist frame-ups, hate crimes, unless they have been driven crazy or peoples opposed to racism publicly campaign against the scum’s cover-up.


The jurors in my case ruled me ‘not guilty,’ and documents by jurors B. J. Suares and David F. Smith tell some of what the jurors found illegal in how my case was handled, and required that high authority correct such illegalities, that go all the way back to the 1963 frame-up leading to my original imprisonment, and continuing through the way the judge railroaded me in the 1970 Marin courthouse case despite the jury’s ruling for my factual innocence of the charges.


Since the out-going Gov. Brown did not act, the new governor’s task regarding my acquittal in the latter case is simple: “Review the record!”


The jurors in my case, little though many community members may know, gave videotaped testimony regarding their vote to acquit me. Yet for years, the corrupted judges have failed or refused to address the acquittal issue all of these since a judge deemed me convicted and sentenced me; instead the appellate judges keep mouthing off about Magee, Magee, Magee again, filing too many legal documents.


Either the US Supreme Court of the new Governor of California are in a position to recognize the judges’ abuse of power, and to put an end of the injustice of my continued incarceration. I will never accept slavery! No matter how many criminals in high places seek to justify it.

I remain,

Ruchell Cinque, Moving Forward!

Comrade Malik on Trump’s Lies


by Keith Malik Washington

Donald Trump has fabricated a web of lies for the Amerikan people in order to justify this FAKE NATIONAL EMERGENCY ON THE SOUTHERN BORDER. Without FACTS to back up my allegations, I am just doing the same thing that the LIAR IN-CHIEF is doing, so I will present some evidence to back

up my allegations.

Approximately a month ago Trump gave his State of the Union address, around the same time Texas Governor Gregg Abbott gave his State of the State address for the citizens of Texas. I listened to them both and I suggest you google them and do the same.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott spent his time focusing on Public Education. I mean this was one of his main topics. Abbott promised to work on improving Public Education for all children in Texas and

he put an emphasis on providing a safe and secure environment for all children attending classes in Texas Public Schools. Abbott most certainly was not agitated nor did I sense any alarm in his voice. Wouldn’t you think that if there was this dire National Emergency on the Southern border that the Texas Governor would be on National TV talking about it?? Why hasn’t anyone talked about this??

Did you know that George P. Bush and Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner have been pleading that they need to receive the relief money promised to victims of HURRICANE HARVEY!!?? Why isn’t anyone in the media talking about the bi-partisan co-operation by Bush and Turner to help the victims of a real NATIONAL EMERGENCY??

Do you know that McAllen, Texas is one of those ‘Dangerous’ cities on the border of Texas that Trump has been attempting to use to brainwash us into embracing his narrative. Do you know how many murders they had in McAllen, Texas in 2018?? ZERO! $8 BILLION DOLLARS FOR A BORDER WALL??? WAKE UP AMERIKA!

The Opioid Crisis in Amerika is a National Emergency!

Gun Violence in Amerika is a National Emergency!

But I’m sorry, folks, I live down here in South Texas and although I am trapped inside one of Texas‘s many Prisons I can say with confidence that there is not a National Emergency down here! TRUMP IS A LIAR!!

Trump, Sara Sanders, and Mitch McConnell continue to spout these Alternative Facts which are sounding more and more like LIESI!

What Trump is engaged in is an elaborate misinformation and disinformation campaign. PSY-OPS and PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY!!