TTT Vol. 2 #6 Sept.-Oct. 1989

TTT Vol. 2 #6 Sept.-Oct. 1989


     We get a lot of letters from individuals out there concerned about racist terror and organizing in their area and wondering what to do.  We encourage everyone to start where they’re at to develop anti-racist work and organizing.  Even one person can establish an anti-racist focus and attract others with the same feelings and concerns.

     Talk to your friends, classmates teachers or people you work with.  Maybe even people in your family, or neighbors, will share your ideas.  You can start to put out a ‘zine without much effort.  There’s lots of material you can use in newsletters, other ‘zines, national anti-klan resources like those listed in this issue. You can get stickers and flyers from these groups that you post, or reprint with a local address, preferably a p.o. box.

     If you’ve got a few bucks to spare, many cities now have “voice bulletin boards” where you can get an answering service that allows you to record your own (anti-racist) message and then record incoming calls, so you don’t have to give out your home phone number.

     Find out if there’s an established civil rights group in your area.  Also, there are peace movement and religious groups around the country who are concerned about racism.  The YWCA has a commitment against racism.  Some of these groups are not always receptive to young people or new ideas, but they’re a place to start.

     Once you begin to publicize your concern, especially if you’re making people aware of racist activity in your area, you’ll probably quickly come into contact with at least a few other people who will want to work with you.  With some support, you can begin to do things like leaflet music shows and other more public activity which will spread the word even further.


     PART needs all the help and support it can get to keep putting out this newsletter and carry out other anti-racist work.

     We’re asking our readers to help us out in a few ways:

     1] Keep writing your letters in to us, and call.  Your moral support and encouragement is really important.  Excuse us if we don’t always write back personally or at length.

     2] Send us news clippings and your own reports about racist and anti-racist developments in your area. Even here in southern California, there’s a lot going on that never makes the papers or the tube, outside of many one locality newspaper.  This is an important way to build an anti-racist network.

     3] List us in your ‘zines and organizational newsletters.  That’s the main way word of Turning the Tide gets around.

     4] Send us some cash.  Lots of folks still get the newsletter free or maybe sent in a couple of stamps a couple of issues ago.  We increased both the size and the press run of TTT substantially with this issue.  If it’s helpful to you, please send a few bucks our way.

  Next issue will be Vol. III, #1 (Nov.-Dec. 1989), so even if you already sent in a sub a few months back, you might want to think about renewing.  Beginning with that issue, we’ll be asking for $5 for a one-year (six issue) sub to cover more of our costs.

     5] Get your library to order TTT (and other anti-racist publications).  Institutional subscriptions are going to be $10 a year and will include copies of all leaflets and other material put out by PART.  For example, we have flyers out about Racist Terror and Homophobia, Operation Rescue and the Racist Right, and the Neo-Nazi assault on the schools.